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Dish Network Satellite Internet

Your favorite satellite server, Dish Network, offers its customers lightning-fast Internet along with its quality TV. Through their Dish Network Internet bundles, you are able to save hundreds of dollars on your home entertainment, and at the same time, do everything you want online – stream your favorite movies and YouTube videos, download games, keep updated on your friends through Facebook and Twitter, or simply browse the Internet faster than you expect.

Available to anyone living in the U.S., Dish Network Internet was launched in 2012 to also allow residents of rural areas to have high speed Internet access without paying a fortune. In fact, for those living far away from access to ordinary broadband access, they always have the choice to apply for satellite Internet through the best dish network provider.

Dish already provides users with the best satellite TV package, but now they can even combine it with the most affordable satellite Internet service. With one service provider, customers also do not have to contend with many different bills and customer service numbers to call. Not just that, you can also expect a lot of other advantages by signing up for your Dish Network Internet service now:

dish netowrk internet provider

  1. Nationwide availability – Wherever in the whole of United States you may live, you can get access to Dish’s Internet and TV bundle, but especially in the rural areas where there are fewer options for Internet access due to the lack of other options like cable, high-speed DSL or broadband. So long as you are able to install a satellite in your roof or anywhere in your property, you can get connected easily.
  2. Fast Internet – The Dish Internet service providergives its users speeds of up to 15 Mbps, which is more than enough for your daily Internet activities like checking your email, surfing the web, shopping online, playing games and even streaming videos. Even downloading music files or pictures need only seconds, much faster than with the old-school dialup service. For those who have no fiber optic broadband connections, this is definitely the fastest Internet service they can expect. With its Internet connection via satellite instead of phone line, you won’t have to worry about missing any phone calls while using the Internet.

Is DISH internet good?

With dishnet internt there is no special software needed to get you started and great, freebies are offered to customers like 5 free separate email accounts for family members, and a choice between different data caps until 30 Mbps depending on your needs.

  1. Bundle with Satellite TV – Not only can you get your favorite entertainment package and Internet in one, customers are also able to avail of these other freebies: a free Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR to record your favorite shows to watch later, free HD programming for the rest of your life, and even access to free movie channels for three months. Thousands of movies are also available for free via EPIX. In places where it is also available, free installation and activation is even offered to subscribers.
  2. Save money – with bundling your satellite TV and Internet service, customers can expect to save $240in two years! For those with the Dish TV service, it costs only $39.99 a month when you bundle your Dish Internet with TV service. Even better, they offer a 2-year guarantee that your monthly bill will not change, so long as you are subscribing to a bundle of TV and Internet package.
  3. Excellent customer service – not only is someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any issues you may contact Dish’s customer service by phone, email or even by chat. They also maintain social media accounts, just in case you prefer getting assistance this way.

Convinced now? For those who are interested in availing of Dish Network Internet, here are your options:

Internet only – For just $14.95 per month, you can get Internet access for your home. However, Satellite TV and Internet bundles are even more cost-effective. These plans offer different speeds and data caps, starting with 10 Mbps speed, which is equivalent to the speed of 4G mobile devices now. At the same time, in addition to the data caps set per plan, subscribers get some 50 Gb in bonus data allowances when they surf between 2 and 8 A.M. Users can log on to their account in in order to track their data usage. They also receive an email once they have reached 80% of the monthly limit.


Does DISH Network Have Internet?

The following data plans are offered by DISH:

  • 10 Gb plan – for $39.99 (bundled with TV) or $49.99 (without bundling), you get up to 10 Mbps download speed and a 10 Gb data cap per month.
  • 20 Gb plan – for $49.99 (with bundle) or $59.99 (no bundling), subscribers get 10 Mbps download speed but with 20 Gb data cap.
  • 30 Gb plan – with the highest data cap at 30 Gb per month, this plan also offers users with 15 Mbps download speed and costs $69.99 with a TV bundle or $79.99 without.
  • In addition to the monthly rate, customers have to pay $10 monthly for the lease of the equipment.

Those who are interested in subscribing to Dish’s services, simply call their hotline and arrange for the installation. For those who already have the Dish TV services, installation of Internet services is already free, and will be done within 24 hours. Once the qualified technicians of Dish arrive, you can expect to be able to connect to the Internet within less than an hour.

Satellite Internet and TV

Dish Network Internet not only offers its existing Satellite TV customers with the easy option of adding an Internet service without any additional subscriptions and monthly bills, but also offers those without the option of high-speed Internet a chance to not live disconnected in the rural areas. With its great packages, fast speed and friendly customer service, subscribers have very little to find something to complain about.